Our students have access to a wide variety of field practices and experiential learning opportunities. Our mentors support our program in a variety of ways, including meeting with students during the academic year to discuss career opportunities and science interests, mentoring interested students during the year on a limited research project, and host interested students to spend a day showing the work they do. Some of our mentor include individuals from the U.S Geological Survey, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, the Jobos Bay Estuary Research Reserve, and the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust.

UT and UMET have access to advanced students within and external to their institutions who can act as near-peer mentors for our geosciences students. UMCES provides access to graduate student mentors well-versed in oceanographic research and co-mentoring younger students.


Juan Pablo Alvarez-Rosario

Juan AalvarezAffiliation: Marine-Estuarine Environmental Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Maryland (UMCES–MEES)

Project goal/objective: Tropical lagoon ecology;
bioluminescent bay ecology


Alexander Casañas

Affiliation: Metropolitan University (UMET)

Project goal/objective: Sensor development,
in situ data collection in lagoons


Angel Dieppa

Angel DieppaAffiliation: Department of Natural and Environmental Resources – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (DNER – NOAA)

Project goal/objective: Water quality,
land-use relationships


Nilda Jimenez

Nilda JimenezAffiliation: Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER)

Project goal/objective: Coral reef ecology,
data analyses, applied research



Elio Lozano and Juan Sola

Elio LozanoAffiliation: University of Puerto Rico at Bahaman (UPR Bahaman)

Project goal/objective: Web interfaces; database management; real time sensor data



Mark Martin Bras

Mark Martin BrasAffiliation: Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust (VHCT)

Project goal/objective: Water quality,
plankton dynamics bio bays in Vieques


Carlos Morales

Carlos MoralesAffiliation: Para la Naturaleza (PLN)

Project goal/objective: Conservation,
environmental education



Noemi Soto-Nieves

image placeholderAffiliation: Metropolitan University (UMET)

Project goal/objective: PCR and molecular assays of estuarine microorganisms